It's Time To Move Past The Aches And Pains Caused From Hours Of Sitting In The Same Position Every Day

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Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Neil Halvorsen is excited to help desk workers and corporations learn how to avoid chronic pain and long-term injury.

Dr. Halvorsen is a Chiropractor and Strength Coach with a passion for treating those in pain. He aims at eliminating your pain while building foundational strength to assist in decreasing the frequency, duration, or severity of future problems.

Dr. Neil has put together this 6-Part strategy you can easily implement in your daily routine to achieve optimal health and wellness. We have also provided you with some additional resources to check out.

How To Work Through The Modules

We recommend you work through all 6 modules and implement the resources in your daily routine at work. This will take some commitment to the habit and in no time you will be on your way to injury prevention.