Naomi Durgo, CPT

Certified Personal Trainer

Naomi Durgo is a certified personal trainer and an advocate for optimal health and fitness. With a background in playing various sports during high school, she developed a strong passion for an active lifestyle. Naomi's personal journey towards better health and overcoming gut issues fueled her determination to become the healthiest version of herself.

In August 2021, Naomi achieved her certification as a personal trainer, driven by her desire to help others thrive rather than merely survive. Her clients affectionately know her as "The Sweet Assassin," reflecting her supportive yet relentless approach to helping them reach their goals.

Currently, Naomi also works as a personal trainer at the Sands YMCA, where she also leads the LiveStrong program designed for cancer survivors. Her experience extends to working with clients of all ages and abilities, allowing her to tailor personalized fitness plans to suit individual needs.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Naomi finds fulfillment in lifting heavy weights, motorcycle rides, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and kayaking. She shares these adventures with her amazing husband, who shares her passion for an active lifestyle. Naomi Durgo is an inspiring force in the fitness industry, dedicated to guiding others towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.